Covenant Seeker

Covenant Seeker    

I King 17

In the Bible there is a "man of God", that the word of the Lord came to. Elijah went to a widow woman, who had been commanded to sustain Elijah, the prophet. Elijah prayed that she would give to him a drink of water, and a morsel of bread, for there was a terrible drought. It was her last bit of food. The widow complied with his request and her barrel of meal and the vessel of oil did not go empty until the Lord God would send rain. 

I believe that God brought you to this site to be blessed. I am a "man of God", and I will be in interceding in prayer for you to be blessed by the Lord. If you fill out the form that is provided. In addition  if you provide to me the project you want the donation to go to I will accomplish that in your name. 

My Lord, I make a covenant with you now. When you provide to me_____. I will send ____ to the " man of God".

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