Salt Covenant

I Love the Lord !
I Love the Lord !
I Love the Lord !
I have a need ______.
I yield it to You, Lord.
I will perform our agreement to _____.
I must complete my part upon receiving, Your resolution to my situation.
I make this covenant offering.
I seal it with this perpetual salt covenant.

Provide a container with salt that is consecrated as the Lord’s . Declare your covenant to God . “I solemnly agree to do all that I stated .” Pour pure salt into the Lord’s receptacle without spilling. The salt is mixed together so that no one can separate their grains of salt from those of the Lord’s salt, for this ceremony the salt should not be colored or dyed for this reason. The covenant of salt is very special. It is nice if the Lord’s consecrated container for His salt can be kept as a memento .It can be set in a place of honor such as the mantle, coffee table, etc. As salt has a tendency to stick together in humid conditions, if in warm or humid climates should look for larger-grained salt, such as rock salt, for this ceremony.